Preparations to open Thailand for tourism, the government has fixed a period of 120 days


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BANGKOK: Thailand is considering reopening the country in mid-October, going ahead despite a rise in Covid-19 infections, Deputy Prime Minister Anutin Charanvirakul said. He said, “The plan is still there. We are trying in every way to clean our country, although the virus is still around. We hope that in the coming few months we can welcome our old friends ” Health Minister said on Friday.

There have been calls for the campaign to be postponed, although the tourism industry remains a lifeline for many in Thailand. To prevent the spread of infection, Phuket City will ban travel to the resort island from the rest of the country from August 3 to 16, but will not ban foreign visitors. The Deputy Prime Minister said that the authorities are well prepared and confident to solve the problems encountered in the Phuket sandbox campaign. The campaign was launched on 1 July, allowing fully vaccinated tourists to visit the island freely, with no quarantine upon arrival.

The Deputy Prime Minister urged people to get the vaccine at the earliest. “For whatever reason, having vaccines is far better.” On Friday, Thailand recorded 17,345 new cases and 117 additional deaths, bringing the total number of infections to 578,375 and the cumulative number of deaths to 4,679.


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