Pakistan went crazy in ‘Taliban Prem’, this female anchor wore hijab on live TV


ISLAMABAD: The people of Afghanistan are protesting on the streets against the terrorist organization Taliban, but the love for Taliban is increasing continuously among the people of Pakistan. Pakistan’s Imran government is reducing the garland of flowers around the Taliban’s neck, rallies are being taken out in various areas of Pakistan in support of Taliban and now the well-known TV anchor Taliban of Pakistan wore hijab during the live show in support .

Let us tell you that the support of Taliban is being seen in different ways in Pakistan and PM Imran Khan himself is prominent in the rallies in support of Taliban. A video of Pakistan’s famous TV anchor Kiran Naaz is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which she is seen wearing a hijab in a live show. It is seen in the video that Kiran is praising the Taliban while reading Naaz news and her hijab is kept with her. After reading the glory of Taliban for some time, Kiran Naaz lifts the hijab kept there and wears it during live TV. Wearing hijab, Kiran Naaz enumerated the names of women who have achieved fame and who wear hijab.

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Glorifying the Taliban, Kiran Naaz said on live TV, “I will sit in today’s show wearing a hijab and will do today’s show with hijab.” After this Kiran Naaz wore a hijab during live TV and said, ‘Women wearing hijab Huh. Just like normal people who don’t wear hijab. After wearing this, there will be no reduction in my words nor will there be any change in my thinking.



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