Nigeria prison: 240 prisoners escaped by gunmen in Nigeria


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Heavy-armed gunmen stormed a prison in Nigeria’s central Kogi state overnight, releasing several prisoners, a prison spokesman said on Monday. Nigeria Correctional Service spokesman Francis Enobor said in a statement on Monday that attackers ransacked a prison in the town of Kaba in Kogi state on Sunday night and forcibly released some 240 prisoners after a fierce gun battle with guards. International media report.

He said there were reportedly 294 prisoners in custody at the time of the attack, of whom 224 were pre-trial prisoners and 70 were convicted prisoners. He said local law enforcement agencies are legally empowered to use all necessary means to arrest and bring the fleeing prisoners to justice, adding that some of the escapees voluntarily returned to the facility by Monday morning. had come.

Interior Minister Rauf Aregbesola said in a separate statement on Monday that gunmen who attacked the facility used explosives to destroy three sides of the perimeter fence, which helped the prisoners escape. “We will leave no stone unturned to bring them back into custody. We are also putting Interpol on notice with their details in case any of them try to escape from our shores,” Aregbesola said. punishable offence.


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