New Zealand banned those coming from India amid rising Corona cases


The second wave of coronavirus in India is becoming dangerous. Here 1-1 lakh new cases are coming out in a day. In such a situation, New Zealand has temporarily banned the passengers coming from India. According to a New Zealand media report, this ban has been imposed on the citizens and people living there. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced this. Confirming this, Health Director General Ashley Bloomfield said that 23 new Corona cases have arrived in New Zealand, including 17 people who have returned from India. This ban has been imposed on the journey from April 11 to 28 and is temporary now. This is the first time that New Zealand has prohibited the return of its citizens or people living in that country.

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Congress leader Nagma gets infected despite taking vaccine


Let me tell you, the cases of Kovid-19 in India are increasing in a tremendous way. Talking about Wednesday, more than 1 lakh 15 thousand new cases were reported in one day, as well as 630 people died during this time. This much data came in India for the first time. With this, the number of corona patients in India increased to 1,28,01,785. More than one lakh corona cases have come for the second time in three days.

At the same time, the Government of India is vigorously engaged in vaccination to overcome the corona. The Health Ministry said on Wednesday that India overtook the US in anti-corona vaccination and has become the fastest immunized country in the world. It is being told that daily 30 million corona vaccine doses are being given in India. Till Wednesday, more than 8.70 crore doses of Corona vaccine had been given in India.

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