New terrorist front against India in Afghanistan! The name is Tehrik-e-Taliban Emirate

New Delhi: Ever since the withdrawal of Taliban, a terror group in Afghanistan, there have been doubts that terrorists can take refuge here to attack India. Also, these doubts seem to be true. In fact, an intelligence report quoted information as saying that a new network of terrorist alliances is being developed in Afghanistan. It is called ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban Emirate’ (TTA). The terrorist group is ready to carry out terrorist activities in collaboration with Pakistan’s Lashkar-e-Taiba and Haqqani network.

Let us tell you that Jaish-e-Mohammed has emerged as the most powerful terrorist organization in recent times. Jaish chiefs Masood Azhar and Mohammad Ibrahim Azhar have been appointed as the chiefs of Afghan operations coordination. Actually, Jaish-e-Mohammed has a plan to train terrorists in Afghanistan. It will help train other new Taliban cadres through its trained terrorists. It is learned that many dreaded terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammed have been sent under Afghanistan operation.

It is also reported that the Haqqani network also has links with the Islamic State (IS). In such a situation, India should worry about the Haqqani network. It has been reported that the process of government formation in Afghanistan is fast and the Haqqani network can also get a place in it. The Haqqani network has carried out several suicide attacks. They have claimed civilian lives for foreign soldiers. However, even after all this, the Haqqani network can emerge as a major powerful member of the Taliban government. They also have links with ISI Pakistani intelligence agency.


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