Sen. Joe Manchin, a key vote in an effort to pass federal voting rights legislation, said on Thursday that he and a group of Texas House Democrats who fled their state in an effort to block restrictive voting bills were “total They have come to the “compromise” they want, which is “basically to protect voting rights”.

Since arriving in Washington on Monday, Texas Democrats have called for a meeting with members of Congress to urge passage of federal voting rights legislation, including the For the People Act, widespread Democratic voting and a shootout by Senate Republicans last month. Includes election bills.

Munchkin, a moderate Democrat from West Virginia, has been at the center of voting rights talks for weeks because of his opposition to eliminating the filibuster. Removing the legislative hurdle would allow Democrats to pass legislation by a simple majority.

After meeting with members of the Texas delegation, Munchkin said the next step is to bring together a concise bill that focuses solely on protecting voting rights and the voting process.

“We work with the Voting Rights Act, which we started in 1965, and which we have evolved into, and basically create a piece of legislation, a piece of legislation that protects voting rights, The voting process, democracy, railing on democracy, that’s all. And there should be no Republican or Democrat, opposing it,” Manchin said.

Asked why he thinks Republicans would support a reduced bill, Munchkin said: “You know why? Because they have a bill that’s 800 pages long, they have everything thrown in. . Let’s go back to the fundamental right to vote, to protect voting rights.”

Texas State Representative Joe Moody — one of the Democrats at the meeting in Washington — said the Texas delegation was pleased with their conversation with Munchkin.


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