Israel help to send life saving medical equipment among India


Israel will send life-saving equipment to India throughout the week. Nation to aid in fighting, amidst coronovirus growth in Israel. A statement issued by authorities to medical devices sent to India includes oxygen generators and respirators. The equipment will be delivered through a series of flights throughout the week starting on Tuesday.

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said, “India is one of Israel’s closest and important friends. We are standing with India, especially during these difficult times that India is experiencing, and sending life-saving equipment to its Indian brothers and sisters, “the statement said. The ministry said the two countries, Israel and India, are strategically Relationships share what happens over a period. ” A wide range of political, security and economic issues. India is one of the most important countries for Israel internationally and especially in the Asia-Pacific. Emergency aid is an “expression of deep friendship” between the two countries in such countries. Tough times for India. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs cites the economic division as one of the major economic bodies, including Israel-India Chamber of Commerce, Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturers Association of Israel, Federation of Israel. Chambers of Commerce and the Israel Export Institute for assistance packages.

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The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee has also said that it has joined Israel’s aid efforts and will donate oxygen generators and other equipment.




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