ISIS’s ‘Jihadi bride’ Shamima was seen without hijab, said – I will die, but with the terrorists ..


New Delhi: Shamima Begum, popularly known as ‘Jihadi Bride’ in the world, has now turned her back on ISIS. Now Shamima Begum is regretting her actions. She said in a live interview with the show ‘Good Morning Britain’ that she would rather die than go to the terrorists. Shamima apologized to the people of Britain and said that she is ready to come to her country and face all cases of terrorism.

According to media reports, Shamima Begum, who left Britain and joined the terrorist group ISIS in 2014, was only 15 years old at that time. She had married an ISIS terrorist there and joined jihad with him. He had 2 children from this marriage. According to the report, an expert told that Shamima Begum is trying to look ‘Westernised’. Shamima Begum said on ITV broadcaster’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ show, ‘I apologize to the people of Britain. I made a big mistake at a very young age and most of the kids of that age don’t even know what they should do in their life. Most of the children at this age get confused and easily get fooled by the temptation of such things.

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Meanwhile, on the “Good Morning Britain” show, the 22-year-old former ISIS bride was seen talking while sporting a Nike baseball cap, gray vest top and lipstick in loose hair. This time her look was completely different from the previous interview, in which she was seen without hijab and makeup.



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