Is China again plotting a major catastrophe like Corona once again


Beijing: China faced Kovid worldwide. Many countries have turned into heaps of corpses. Even after that, China has not yet considered how it has spread the virus in the world. Now a rocket launched by China can cause havoc. China launched the Long March rocket into space on 29 April. Now experts say that China’s control has been lifted. The rocket spins out of control and large pieces of it begin to fall down from the sky. These fragments can wreak havoc on many countries on Earth.

Experts keep an eye on: Where it has been said that Jonathan McDowell, who monitors space movements, told Space News that China’s rocket has broken. Whose debris has spread in space and is rapidly falling towards the earth. Jonathan saw the state of the wreck and said that it could wreak havoc on Earth in many countries. New York, Madrid, Beijing, Chile and New Zealand are part of the countries where the wreck will be targeted.

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Somewhere, blast experts say, China’s 100-foot-long rocket is falling at a speed of four miles per second. Whose pieces can fall anywhere. They can fall in a heavily populated place. Or it may be that they fell on some empty space. Experts are constantly monitoring this. China launched Long March 5B on 29 April. Through this, China wanted to build a new space station in space.

What was China’s plan ?: Where it is learned that China had planned that the rocket would build a Chinese space station called Tiangong in space, which is scheduled to be completed by 2022. This space station will then travel around the Earth and report. Earth from Space. But now it has been reported that rockets have lost control and debris can fall on many countries and wreak havoc. According to experts, China is also aware of this but has not issued any warning so far.

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