Indore: Two constables suspended after a video went viral after a young man was brutally beaten for not wearing a mask


Corona is continuously growing in Madhya Pradesh. In such a situation, people are being appealed to wear masks and follow social distance. But the barbaric face of the Indore police of Madhya Pradesh was seen on Tuesday for not wearing a mask. A video from Indore went viral on social media in which a rickshaw driver is being brutally beaten by the police. In this video, two policemen are seen beating up a rickshaw driver badly on the middle road.

Indore: Two constables suspended for brutally beating young man for not wearing mask, MP Mask less man thrashed by two police officers in Indore Policemen Suspend - AajTak

The video soon went viral on social media. After the video went viral, the police officers suspended both the policemen and attached them to the SP office. While the case is being investigated, after this incident, police say that more than two criminal cases are registered against the rickshaw driver Krishna and he also does drugs. The police went to Krishna’s house to find him, during which the family members were in touch with the police.

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Congress state spokesperson Narendra Saluja tweeted a video saying, “Is this vandalism? These policemen are said to be from Pardesipura police station in Indore. It is said that the man’s fault is that he did not wear a mask. The invoice. The rule is not to wear a mask, which gave the right to beat? Action should be taken against these convicted jawans. The case is in front of the Malwa Mill Mukti Dham of Pardeshipura police station in Indore.

one man brutally beaten for not wearing a mask indore two police constables  suspended | Chaitanya Bharat News: Today Live, Latest Hindi Breaking News

An auto driver named Krishna was beaten badly by soldiers Dharmendra Jat and Kamal Prajapat for not wearing a mask. The auto driver was beaten in the middle, his youngest son stood weeping and people stopped their cars to watch the spectacle. The robbery was that some women came to the rescue and demanded soldiers to rescue the driver. Then he pushed the women too.

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