Many strange cases are coming out from all over the world. Something similar happened on an American Airlines plane, where a female passenger on board a flying plane did such an act that the crew members tied her to the seat with tape. The video of the whole matter is becoming increasingly viral.

A similar case is on July 6 when a female passenger was treated strangely on a flight from Texas to North California. The woman passenger tried to open the boarding door in the flying plane. Not only this, she became aggressive when stopped and several flight attendants got hurt.

According to the report received, the crew members after seeing the behavior of the female passenger took immediate action and made the woman so helpless that the video went viral on social media. The video was shared on the Twitter page of Breaking Aviation News and Videos on July 11. The caption of the video says that a female passenger of American Airlines tried to open the speed of the plane in the middle of the flight and was tied to the seat with tape. In the 35-second video clip, the woman is seen screaming from the seat of the plane tied to the tape.


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