Food crisis of Afghans will intensify, 2 out of every 3 people will not get food


Geneva: Due to the lack of government and administration in Afghanistan, the situation is going from bad to worse. There is a shortage of essential commodities including health facilities in the country. Meanwhile, the United Nations (UN) has warned that the country may face a food crisis within a month if the situation does not improve. This will lead to starvation.

The United Nations (UN) report comes at a time when the Taliban is working towards forming a government. The report said that one in three Afghan citizens would have gone hungry because of the food crisis. According to media reports, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Afghanistan Ramiz Alkabarov said on Wednesday, “The situation in Afghanistan is very tense from a humanitarian point of view. The official said that the situation has now become such that half of the children’s population in the country is going to eat their next meal. Struggling to manage.

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According to media reports, the price of food and drink in Afghanistan has increased by 50 percent in recent times, while the price of petrol has increased by 75 percent. International aid has stopped reaching the country after the situation at Kabul airport worsened and flights from there were stopped. International aid to Afghanistan will depend on the recognition of the Taliban government.



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