LONDON: Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled new measures to help the country develop, including adopting a more flexible approach to transfers and growing the private sector. According to reports, Johnson determined the need to empower strong local leaders by adopting a more flexible approach to transfer, with a catalytic role for government and the new “County Deal” to transfer beyond the largest cities.

Speaking from Coventry, he called for long-term growth and productivity and investment in infrastructure and connectivity, as well as the skills and training needed to ensure that people have access to good public services, and to Called for focus on developing the private sector. get a good job According to a Downing Street statement, the initiative will provide the tools needed to drive new ideas, create jobs, accelerate growth and improve public services. Another important part of the Prime Minister’s plan is the reconstruction of high roads to adapt to the changing economic trends.

He said there would be new funding of £50 million ($69 million) next year for grassroots football pitches to help more people access high-quality football pitches, target backward communities and address health inequalities. help to do so, as well as ensure that. More people can play the game of the country. He continued, “I believe that when we start raising the standard of living, expanding opportunities will improve our public services and we will make progress in restoring a sense of pride in our community of people.” ”


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