America will continue to bomb ISIS-K terrorists, US Army General told the plan

Washington: America may have withdrawn its entire army from Afghanistan, but it will continue its action against terrorists here. A US military official says that America can conduct air strikes on terrorists if needed in the coming days. More importantly, according to the official, the US can seek the cooperation of the Taliban for this purpose.

According to US Army General Mark Milley, the US can conduct air strikes on Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan, which can be done in future with the cooperation of the Taliban. Mark Milley said that the Taliban is a brutal organization, it is still the same as it was decades old. However, he also said that the future of the Taliban in Afghanistan cannot be predicted from now on. Afghanistan and the Taliban will have to be watched for some time to come.

According to a US military official, the US and the Taliban had commercial ties until recently when the United States expelled millions of people from Afghanistan. Because the Taliban had prepared a safe surface for American citizens up to the airport. Let us tell you that even before leaving Afghanistan, America had carried out an airstrike on ISIS-K. ISIS-K attacks Kabul airport, killing 13 US soldiers.


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