Afghan women do not accept ‘rule of terror’.

Kabul: The plan to form a government of the Taliban has once again gone ahead. Earlier media reports claimed that the Taliban would form their new government in Kabul today, Friday, but for some reason this could not happen late in the evening. A Taliban spokesman then said on Saturday that a new government would be formed, but it has been postponed even today. It is now being said that the Taliban will form the government in Afghanistan within 2-3 days.

According to media reports, the demonstration of women in Kabul has become violent. Meanwhile, the Taliban have fired tear gas shells at the protesting women to disperse them and they are not being allowed to move forward. It is to be known that yesterday, on Friday also, women had protested against the terrorist organization. Women had demonstrated against the low participation of women in the government and the right to work. About 50 Afghan women were seen shouting slogans in protest with placards in their hands.

However, the Taliban have claimed that women will be able to continue their jobs under the new regime. Before 2001, in the old days, the Taliban displayed violence and brutality in compliance with Islam’s Sharia laws. During that time the education and work of women was banned. According to media reports, a protesting woman said that she wants the Taliban to give women a place in the cabinet. “We want the Taliban to talk to us. We have never seen women in their ceremonies and events,” she said.


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