24 San Diego students and their families are stranded in Afghanistan


San Diego-area school officials said Wednesday that several schoolchildren and adult relatives, all Afghan refugees who settled in California, were stranded in Afghanistan after returning to their homeland in the summer.

According to reports, 6 families consisting of approximately 16 adults and 24 students from the Cajon Valley Union School District in the San Diego suburb of Al Cajon were among thousands to leave Afghanistan amid the Taliban takeover, as US troops had started pulling out. Officer. Michael Sarban, head of the district’s family and community engagement program for migrant students, said one of the six stranded families – including four students, a 2-year-old and two adults – made it out and was safe in El Cajon. Came back . The fate of five other families was not immediately known, he said.

In the ten days since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the US and its allies have set off one of the largest air evacuations ever, taking out more than 88,000 people. The operation is scheduled to end next Tuesday, but is expected to shift its focus from civilians to military personnel in the final two days.


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