1 lakh Rohingya refugees to be settled on an island in the Bay of Bengal, 19 thousand people shifted


Dhaka: The United Nations (UN) and the Bangladesh government have signed an agreement to work together to help Rohingya refugees (Rohingya refugees) on an island in the Bay of Bengal (Bay of Bengal). Thousands of people living in camps near the Myanmar border have been relocated to the island.

The Bangladeshi government has so far relocated more than 19,000 Rohingyas to four islands (Bhasan Char Dweep). The United Nations said that the main reason for signing the agreement is to provide services to this population. Bangladesh plans to relocate 100,000 Rohingyas to the island in a phased manner from a crowded refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar district (Cox’s Bazar district).

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The refugee settlement was criticized by the United Nations and human rights organizations. However, this agreement is now being seen as a paradigm shift. In fact, critics say that the island is regularly submerged by monsoon rains. So it’s not worth living for. But PM Sheikh Hasina’s government has spent $112 million on building sea walls, hospitals, schools and mosques.



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