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Neelam came to visit Mumbai but luck changed

Neelam Kothari was a famous Bollywood actress in the 80s and 90s and won everyone’s heart with her work. The pair of Neelam was in love with Govinda at that time and both had won the hearts of people with their work. The two also worked together in many films and it gave each other hearts. However, both of them could not get married. The two were first seen in ‘Ilzaam’ released in 1986, although the film did not do well at the box office but yes people liked the chemistry of Govinda and Neelam.


Neelam was born in Hong Kong, but raised in Bangkok. The answer to the question of how Neelam came to Bollywood is excellent. Actually, Neelam went to Mumbai once and she was noticed by director Ramesh Behl and approached for a film. Neelam said yes and made her debut with the 1984 film Jawaani. Karan Shah was with her in the film and the film flopped. Although Neelam’s beauty and acting were highly praised. After this film she got some good offers after which Neelam worked with Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. Although his name was associated with Govinda. Neelam did 10 films with Govinda along with 6 hits. Meanwhile, Govinda falls in love with Neelam.


Govinda was also dating Sunita during that time. It is said that Sunita and Govinda used to fight a lot because of Neelam. Not only this, Govinda also broke the engagement with Sunita for Neelam because he wanted to marry Neelam. However, Govinda’s mother would have wanted to marry Sunita if she had given him the tongue. Then Govinda obeyed his mother and married Sunita. Let us tell you that Neelam Kothari married actor Sameer Soni in the year 2011 and both have adopted a daughter.




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