Sunday, January 16, 2022
HomelifestyleNawab Malik releases audio between D'Souza and Adhikari

Nawab Malik releases audio between D’Souza and Adhikari

Mumbai: NCB officer Sameer Wankhede is facing several charges one after the other in the Aryan Khan drug case. These allegations have been made by Maharashtra minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik. Now this time he has created panic by releasing the audio. In fact, Nawab Malik has released an audio of the phone conversation between Sanville Stanley D’Souza and NCB officer on his Twitter. In this, Nawab Malik has released this audio with a picture of Stanley D’Souza which you can see.

Regarding the audio, Nawab Malik claims, “The name of the NCB officer in this viral audio is VV Singh and on the other side Sanville Stanley D’Souza.” Although this can be heard in the audio released by Nawab Malik. That ‘Sanville D’Souza calls up NCB officer VV Singh and introduces himself.’ Then he says on the phone, ‘He is speaking Sanville. NCB officer VV Singh says, ‘Who is Sanville?’ Then Sanville tells me that I am the one at whose house you gave the notice, I found out. VV Singh recalls the notice and says, “Well… well… Sanvil… you live in Bandra, don’ you? When is Sanville coming to you?” Hearing this, Sanville replies. , ‘I have not reached Mumbai yet, I am not feeling well.’

You can hear NCB officer VV Singh saying, ‘Phir aap kab aa rahe hai’ in the audio released by Nawab Malik. Sanville replies, ‘He will come on Monday.’ To this the officer said, ‘Come on Wednesday, not Monday. I am not on Monday and I do not want to bring this phone of mine. Your IMEI number is ready. I’m warning you.’ Then Sanville says, ‘I wouldn’t do anything like that. okay sir.’ However, the news track does not corroborate this audio.




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