Rahul told PM Modi that he was scared



New Delhi. On Friday, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressed the press conference in Delhi. During this time, Rahul Gandhi attacked the Modi government at the Center on the issue of China. This is what Rahul Gandhi said while targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that the government bowed down to China and handed over India’s land to China. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister Modi has grabbed the land of India to China, this is the truth. Modi ji should answer this. Modi ji has bowed his head in front of China. The Defense Minister did not say a word about the strategic area where China is sitting inside. Let me tell you that on Thursday, Rahul gave a speech in the Lok Sabha on the issue of agriculture law and refused to speak on the budget.

Rahul Gandhi

On the issue of China, Rahul Gandhi said that why did Modi give Indian territory to China? He and the defense minister should answer this. Why was the army asked to retreat from the Kailash range? Why didn’t China return from Depsang Plains? Our land is up to Finger-4. Modi has taken the land of Finger-3 to Finger-4 to China.


In the same way, there are many more.

Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister is a coward who cannot stand against China. They are spitting on the sacrifices of our army soldiers. They are betraying the sacrifices of the army. No one should be allowed to do this in India. Why is the Prime Minister not speaking on this?

However, this statement of Rahul Gandhi did not appeal to the people. On social media, people lashed out at the Congress MP. One user took a dig at Rahul Gandhi and wrote, “Hey, please update it that China is going back”.




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