‘Lord Krishna will break the arrogance of this government, Priyanka Gandhi thunders in Mathura farmers mahapanchayat



On Tuesday, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi addressed the Kisan Mahapanchayat at Palikhenda Maidan in Mathura. Here Priyanka Gandhi attacked the central government and PM Modi fiercely. Priyanka Gandhi said that the government has enacted farm laws for billionaires. He said that Lord Krishna will definitely break the ego of this government.

Priyanka Gandhi said that the conscience of this government is dead. The only achievement of the central government is that their billionaire friends are settled. The farmers are fighting for their rights and the Congress will always be with you in this fight. The central government considers farmers as terrorists. He further said that if the Congress government comes, the new agricultural laws will be repealed first.

The Congress general secretary said that the farmers of the country have tears in their eyes and the central government wants to fill their stomachs with words. The farmer is wandering around for his rights. She said that she wants to assure the farmers from the land of Braj that the Congress is always with them in their fight. Surrounding Prime Minister Modi, he said that the PM bought two airplanes worth Rs 16,000 crore but did not pay Rs 15,000 crore to the sugarcane farmers.

Priyanka Gandhi said that PM Modi is anti-farmer, there was no talk with farmers while making the law. The price of petrol and diesel is continuously increasing. He said that the central government has enacted agricultural laws for the note cultivators. After this, he completed his address and said that keep two minutes of silence for the farmers who were martyred in this movement. Jai jawan jai kisan.



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