‘Lies with China on’ disengagement ‘being spread’, Defense Ministry told the truth on Rahul’s question!




New Delhi. At the north and southern end of Pangong Lake near the Line of Actual Control (LAC), ‘disengagement’ means the process of reducing troops has begun with a rapid pace from both China and India. A video related to this case was also revealed on Thursday. In which it was seen that the tanks of the armies of both the countries were withdrawing from the present situation. At the same time, an official statement has been given from both sides. There is an effort from both countries to reduce tension on the border. Disengagement is considered to be an important step in this direction. Amidst all this, Rahul Gandhi, former Congress National President and MP from Wayanad, raised a ‘disengagement’ on the LAC, to which a detailed reply has been given by the Ministry of Defense on Friday.

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Let me tell you that the Ministry of Defense while answering Rahul’s questions has said that, there is some misinformation and confusing comments going on in the media and social media about the current disengagement in Pangong Tso Lake. Regarding this, the Ministry of Defense stressed that the factual position has been cleared by the Defense Minister in both the Houses of Parliament.

On behalf of the Ministry of Defense, it has been said that the way social media and media are getting wrong news about LAC, it is necessary to refute it. The Ministry, in its reply, stated that, “It has become necessary that the fake information going on social media and media should be countered. The area of ​​India is up to Finger 4, this is completely wrong. India has an area on the map of India, in which 43 thousand square kilometers of land is currently illegally occupied by China from the year 1962. ”

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The Ministry has said that the actual Line of Control is up to Finger 8 and not Finger 4. Therefore, India continues to maintain patrolling rights up to Finger 8, including the current agreement with China at present. On the Indian side, Dhan Singh Thapa post is near Finger 3 and on the Chinese side is east of Finger-8. The current agreement is to prevent further army deployment by both sides and to maintain the deployment of troops at permanent posts. The Defense Minister has also clarified that pending issues including Hot Springs, Gogra and Depsang will be resolved. Other pending issues will be raised after 48 hours of disengagement in Pangong Tso.

rajnath singh and rahul gandhi

Explain that the cleanliness of the Ministry of Defense has come on the statement of Rahul Gandhi, in which former Congress President Rahul Gandhi questioned the agreement of withdrawal of forces with China on Pagong, saying that Prime Minister Modi is ‘cowardly’ He has handed over India’s land to China.




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