National Epilepsy Day: Why does epilepsy happen?


New Delhi: Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes abnormal waves in the brain. Recurrent seizures are caused by brain disorders. When an attack occurs, the mental balance is disturbed and the body begins to falter. National Epilepsy Day is celebrated every year on 17 November in India to make people aware of this dangerous disease.


According to a report by Healthline, 6 out of 10 patients find it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of epilepsy. Human beings can fall prey to this disease due to many reasons. People often have epileptic seizures due to injury or injury to the brain. Health experts say that any serious illness, high fever or heart disease can also cause this disease. High fever due to any reason can have a bad effect on our brain.


People over the age of 35 often suffer from this disease due to stroke. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to a particular part of the brain is cut off. The disease depends on which part of the brain has cut off its blood supply. Epilepsy can occur even when there is a lack of oxygen in the brain. Sometimes, due to lack of oxygen in the blood, not enough oxygen reaches the brain. In this case, the risk of having an epileptic seizure may increase.

Doctors say that diseases like brain tumor or brain abscess, dementia or Alzheimer’s can also cause epilepsy. Also, humans can still suffer from diseases such as AIDS or meningitis. Drug abuse, brain malformations, developmental disorders, neurological diseases, or genetic factors can also cause the disease. The risk of epilepsy under the age of 20 is less than 1 percent. Whereas in 2 to 5 percent of people, this disease can also be due to genetic reasons.



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