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Multibagger Stock Update: There has been turmoil in the stock market for the last few days. Despite the slowdown in the market, there is a tremendous rise in the shares of multibagger stock Kohinoor Foods. This stock, which has been giving multibagger returns for two months, was trading at Rs 67.60 with an increase of 4.97 per cent even today on June 13.

After the acquisition of Kohinoor brand by Adani Group, this stock has gained wings. The fall of the stock market is also not affecting this stock and there has been tremendous growth in the shares of Kohinoor Foods which has given great returns to its investors.

174 in a month percentage return

The stock of Kohinoor Foods has given tremendous returns to the investors. This stock has given 174 per cent return in the last one month. On May 13, the price of this share was Rs 24.60, which has increased to Rs 67.60 today. Similarly, this stock has gained 584 percent in two months. The stock of Kohinoor Foods closed at Rs 9.88 on April 13. The stock has jumped 21 per cent in the last five trading sessions. The 52-week high of this stock is Rs 67.60 and the 52-week low is Rs 7.77. The market cap of Kohinoor Foods is currently Rs 242.24 crore.

Know what is its effect on investment

If an investor has invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock 2 months ago and has retained his investment, then today the value of that investment would have been Rs 684,179. Similarly, if an investor has bought shares of Kohinoor Foods worth Rs 1 lakh a month ago, he is getting Rs 274,794 today.

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What does the company do?

Kohinoor Foods is a leading company in the manufacture and marketing of food items. The company sells Basmati rice under the brand name Kohinoor. Kohinoor Foods has a strong supply chain network. Along with Basmati rice, Kohinoor also sells ready-to-eat curries, readymade gravy, cooking pastes, chutneys, spices and seasonings, frozen breads, snacks and edible oils.


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