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narappa movie story review and update?

Venkatesh is a top protagonist who is always close to the family audience and the youth by choosing age-appropriate characters. Director Srikanth Addala is the carafe address for the class films. The combination of the two is the upcoming film ‘Narappa’. The remake of the Tamil super hit ‘Asuran’ was directed by OTT in the context of corona conditions. Although the matter was somewhat controversial, the producers favored OTTK. How is ‘Narappa’ released in Amazon ‘Prime’ video? To what extent did Venkatesh impress as a young man and father? How is Srikanth taking the bar? Is ‘Narappa’ the opposite of ‘Asuran’?

Narappa (Venkatesh) lives comfortably with his wife Sundaramma (Priyamani) on a three-acre farm in a village in Anantapur district. He has three children, Munikanna (Karthik Ratnam), Sinnabba (Rakhi) and Bujjamma (Chitra). The big fruit of the village is Swami (Naren) .. He takes all the poor lands in Ulu for his younger brother Doraswamy (Deepak Shetty). But, Narappa does not give up his three types of land. It is in this matter that Pandu Swami fights with his men and insults Panduswamy. With this Munikannan is brutally murdered. Sinnabba kills Panduswamy in revenge for killing Anna. With this, the Panduswamy family members want to end the Narappa family. What did Narappa do then? How did he protect his family? What were the circumstances that confronted him in this order? If you want to know, you have to watch a movie!

Here’s how: Many stories have hit the silver screen in the wake of the struggle between the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak. If the weak turn, no matter how strong the soil must be. ‘If there is land, it is taken away. If there is money, it is taken away. But, ‘Asuran’, which came out in Tamil as a periodical action drama, was very entertaining, explaining the need for education, saying ‘no one can take education’. Venkatesh succeeds in portraying the same story as Srikanth Addala ‘Narappa’ in a pivotal role. The way the scenes are styled is good while continuing the emotions in the matrix in Telugu as well.

The director, who started the film with scenes of Narappa’s family escaping from the police and bullies, tried to soften the story. The conflict between the Panduswamy and Narappa families, with Panduswamy being slapped and abused, goes on slowly throughout the first half. The story picks up speed whenever Munika is killed. The emotional scenes that come in that order bring the audience to tears. Narappa’s attempts to save his young son seem thrilling as the audience imagines what will happen next. The action‌ scenes that come in the break scenes are the highlight of the movie‌.

The director took a bit longer to tell Narappa the past in the second half. The matrix ‘monster’ was followed as usual. The scenes and background that come up when Narappa is a teenager have already been seen in a lot of movies. Not all are that big of an impression. However, as a young man, Venkatesh’s appearance on screen as a father of three children is impressive. There is no strong emotion in the scenes where Narappa insults his niece. However, the action scenes in the flashback and climax are entertaining. Those who have already seen ‘Asuran‌’ do not seem to have made any major changes in ‘Narappa’. The film manages to entertain as well as inform.

Who did it: Narappa Venkatesh is a one-man show. His acting in two different roles is impressive. His seniority as an actor is especially evident in the emotional‌ scenes. It must be said that Venkimama was added in the action scenes. Priyamani, Karthik Ratnam, Rajeev Kanakala, Rao Ramesh etc. acted according to their range of roles. Karthik Ratnam in particular is a character who turns the story around, albeit briefly. Technically the film is superior. The main strength of this film is the music of Manisharma. The songs are okay. Come and go in the storyline. However, the background music provided by Manisharma in elevating the action scenes took the scenes to another level. If you watch the theme of ‘Ra Ra Narakara .. Narakara’ in the theater, you will have to wait a long time.

Sam kenayudu cinematography is fine. The matrix is ​​the same as the theme found in ‘Asuran’. The big changes in terms of scenes did not go unnoticed. Martand kevenkates need more work to say his katteraku. Some of the scenes that come in the flashback in particular have to be cut. Focusing on the theater, the length seems to be largely ignored. Director Srikanth Addala has chosen a remake this time as opposed to his previous films. However, the changes did not go away at all. Follow the monster. Family Emotions are nicely shown. Some scenes in the first half are tear-jerking. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, though the plot seems to be slow in some places.

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