Fatma Season 2 Release Date Watch Online


Fatma' Netflix Review: Stream It Or Skip It?

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Fatma Season 2 Release Date Watch Online

Season 2 is a new Turkish psychological thriller series produced and directed by Oscar Menorme. It appeared worldwide on Netflix on April 27, 2021, and featured Berku Pirsik in the lead role.

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Fatma is a simple cleaner who was murdered in search of her missing husband Seppar and was recently released from prison.. Jaber’s shadowy underworld friends will soon find out what he did, and have no choice but to kill him. To To survive.

She also runs away from it because no one suspects she has anything other than a regular cleaner. As a result, she becomes an invisible killer. In the end, she will have to face this murder as a release from her many years of suppressed struggle and grief and as a new aspect of her character..

Fatma Season 2

Thoughts on Fatma Season 2 of Season 1

The show follows Fatma, a brilliant single woman who tries to fight this system and survives as an independent single woman in a male-dominated world…

At the other end, She fights for her autistic son and her missing husband.

Then, she discovers her ability to avoid being caught, killing men who threaten her, shocked by the injustice of a society where women have no rights… He commits murder in an undesirable manner without the culprit being identified as Much Difficult. She vows not to tolerate any oppression or injustice.

The show highlights the oppression and oppression of women in Turkey. Even if the murder was not right, he could not sympathize with her for her fate and hardships.

Will there be a season 2?

The first season of Fatma has six episodes for viewers to enjoy. It is also unclear whether this will be a one-season show or several seasons. Whatever the initial plans, we all know how it is Post hurry They may change if the series is successful. It deserves it.

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