Amazon Prime Video has dropped the trailer of the Malayalam film Kala. In this film, we will see Tovino Thomas who is playing the role of Shaji who is the manifestation of poisonous masculinity. Now it depicts the strained relationship with his father which has something to do with the path to express himself.

He is just like a child craving affection and also approval in front of his father Raveendran. In the absence of his father, he just becomes invincible and also is taking the pride in his masculine features and also privileges that arrive with being a man having a patriarchal setup.

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The gigantic false ego with normal irritability and also has the tendency for harsh behaviours which is something that has been passed down to him from his father. In the film’s beginning moment, Shaji is teaching his son about how to become a man instead of providing him with some good values to live.

Shaji told his son that boyfriends should not cry. And he also said that if you really want it then you should have taken it forcibly. It is confirmed that it was a lesson that Shaji got from his father Raveendran.

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In mainstream film, the topic of animal cruelty is less discussed. In Kerala it is prevalent. In this film, Shaji willingly has taken the life of a dog Bau. It is a dark breed of country. He is also a very close companion of a teen boy. Which is played by Sumesh Moor.

The urge of Shaji to execute his frustration call a violent ending of the special relationship that has been shared between the boy and the dog. He makes a big mistake when he though while he thought that no one would stand by him for a dog and thinking Bau’s life very cheap.

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The director of the film is Rohit VS and also his co-writer Yadhu Pushpakaran that has been subverted the expectation at each of the moment. The film has been played by four minds. They have just tried to depict all the pleasures of this medium. The film also has evoked very primal energy. You will also get the smell of blood and flesh on the screen.

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Here is the trailer:

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