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Mahindra XUV700 Ranks First In Sales Of Mid-size SUV Cars


Mahindra XUV700 Ranks First In Sales Of Mid-size SUV Cars

Car sales report May 2022 – The popularity of the mid-sized SUV category in India is extremely significant, and its popularity is growing continuously. People are interested in purchasing mid-sized SUVs. While Mahindra Mahindra XUV700 has become the preferred choice for Indian customers. According to the chart of sales for the company 5,069 vehicles from XUVXUV700 were delivered in May of 2022. The sales of cars have increased by 12.79 percent during the month. Let us remind you that Mahindra has launched the XUVXUV700 in September last year.

Let us inform that the XUV700 has been ahead in terms of sales, outperforming its rivals. Tata Harrier and Safari have been among its rivals. In the latest report 11 738 units of all vehicles were sold by the end of May in 2022. However, Mahindra has sold 5069 units of the XUV700 by itself. In the following months, Harrier and Safari have sold 5036 units. In contrast, only 1633 of Hector as well as Hector Plus have been sold. Let us inform you that as of May 2021 of last year, all of the firms had sold 4127 units. Of which, 2896 units from Harrier or Safari comprised. In the same period, Hector and Hector Plus sold 1231 units.

Mahindra sold 4,494 units of XUV700. Let us reveal the fact that, in April of 2022 all companies sold 10,798 units. In this time 449 units of XUV700 were sold, and the total number of 4856 units was sold to Harrier as well as Safari. Mahindra’s XUV700 has a share of 41.62 percent in the cars sold during April. In contrast that, even though the XUV700 only sold 33 units higher than combination of Tata Harrier and Safari in May 2022 however, the XUV700 was 73.90 percent more than the 2,896 units that were sold through Harrier and Safari all together during May 2021. In April 2022, the most significant thing is that the total of 4,856 vehicles from Harrier as well as Safari was sold.



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