Mahindra XUV.E9 First Look Review Interior Price Features


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Mahindra XUV.E9 First Look Review Interior Price Features

Mahindra XUV.E9
Mahindra XUV.E9

Mahindra XUV.e9 review: The XUV.e9 and XUV.e8 were the first all-electric SUVs that were unveiled by Mahindra at a huge ceremony at the London Motor Show in London yesterday. In particular, the Mahindra’s XUV.e9 is a distinct product since it’s an SUV coupe variant from the XUV 700 that runs without petrol or diesel.

Only the electric model of XUV.e9 which will be available in an exclusive style will be offered. Based on its appearance it’s believed to be inspired by the XUV Aero Concept, however, previously it was inspired by an XUV concept. According to Mahindra the electric vehicle is being created in a contemporary manner.

Dimensions of XUV.e9

The EV is actually larger and more long in comparison to it’s predecessor, the XUV 700 which measures 4,790 millimeters in length, 1,905mm in width, and 1,690 millimeters in height. The large headlamp in the shape of a C at the front enhances its design. The grill is made in the body color only.

The design of XUV.e9

The headlamps that have DRLs are elegantly designed and have sleek surfaces that line up with the top grille. The brand new Mahindra SUV logo is included in the XUV.e collection of SUVs. Wheels are also an extended size, along with the arch. The tail-lamps with LEDs and the rear lights have been upgraded as has the roof style. The EV is equipped with a decent ground clearance and an even black area underneath the bumper on its rear. This XUV.e9 is built upon the Inglo EV platform, which will allow for greater the flexibility of space. The XUV.e9 will come with five seats in the vehicle, while the XUV.e8 will feature a 3 row seating arrangement.

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Inside of the XUV.e9

Inside, the interior design of this vehicle is unlike the XUV it comes with three 12.3-inch displays, including a large digital display of the instrument cluster. The interior layout of the dashboard is identical to the XUV 700, with the rotary knob that is located at the lower part of the dashboard. The car is also equipped with a an XUV 700-style steering wheel with two wheels.


The electric vehicle is expected to have the battery pack of 80 kWh capable of generating 400 bhp using one motor layout with rear drive and the dual motor/AWD layout. Regenerative braking is also able to be set up on the XUV.e9 and the other Mahindra electric vehicles.

When is the expected arrival of this car?

The vehicle is expected to feature top-quality features such as V2L charging, where the vehicle can be used for charging other electric devices as well as other electric vehicles. Additionally, in addition to ADAS technologies, Augmented Display HUDs have been added to the car. The car is expected to be released in the latter half of 2024 or 2025. It will cost more than the XUV700 or XUV.e8.


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