You can enjoy the heat of summer in these places of Kerala…


Kerala, the state of India, is very popular among tourists, so you can go for vacation in those places of Kerala, which are quite quiet apart from the crowds of the city, let’s know which are these places,

Thekkari – Thekkari is famous for Periyar National Park. It is one of the major national parks in India. Which is very popular among tourists. You can see many animals here. This park is known for elephants and tigers. This place is very good for vacation and adventure.

Munnar It is the largest tea growing region in South India. Here you can do a lot of activity, such as trekking, wildlife – spotting, hiking. For you, experiencing the greenery and beauty of the tea gardens of Munnar can be a memorable feeling in itself.

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Wayanad – This place has a very small population. It is a very good place for vacationers. Here you can see the beauty of beautiful mountain slopes, flora, dense forests. This place boasts of rich cultural history. There are many resorts here, where you can enjoy the service of Ayurvedic massage or spa.



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