Yoga Asanas for Strong Immunity: Make Immunity Strong by practicing these 5 Yogasanas daily


In view of the increasing speed of Corona, one needs to be cautious as well as be cautious. Careful means putting on a mask, washing hands, following social distancing and vigilance means not making the mistake of taking health lightly, as the first victims of corona are people with weak immunity. In such a situation, it is very important to keep immunity strong. To make immunity strong, drinking brew, taking steam, vitamin C foods are helpful as well as make workouts a part of your daily routine.

Whatever form of exercise, it is beneficial for you in every way. But since the corona epidemic, people have been particularly attracted to yoga because its benefits last for a long time. So today we will learn about some such rugs, which will boost immunity by practicing 10-15 minutes daily, as well as it can reduce weight and stomach easily.

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The practice of this asana makes the spinal cord flexible. Asthma and respiratory diseases are cured by practicing this asana. This practice reduces excess fat on the stomach. The waist is thin and the chest is wide. It is beneficial for neck pain patients.


Sethubandhasan massages the internal organs of the stomach properly, which keeps the digestion process right. This asana stretches the spine, chest and neck and keeps them toned. This asana relieves the problem of insomnia, osteoporosis.



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