Lifestyle. Friends, tell you that do you know that yellow mustard is used for some things other than cooking. According to the scriptures, by using yellow mustard, we can overcome many problems in our life. Friends, you should also know these remedies of yellow mustard according to the scriptures.

1. Friends, according to the scriptures, tell you that to get progress in business, mix yellow mustard seeds, sesame seeds, whole salt and whole coriander in earthen lamps and keep them in your office. Friends, doing this gives success in business.

2. Friends, tell you that to win over the enemy, light a lamp by mixing turmeric in yellow mustard oil. According to the scriptures, then chant the mantra ‘Om Baglayai Namah’. If you do this remedy continuously for a week, then you can win over the enemy.

3. Friends, according to the scriptures, if any work is stuck for a long time, then mixing yellow mustard in the milk of Aak and performing a havan will complete the stalled work.

4. Friends, let us tell you that to remove the troubles of your house, by mixing jaggery, honey, cow’s ghee, sandalwood, goggal, shilajit, salai’s incense and nagarmotha in yellow mustard, all the troubles in the house are removed. And happiness and peace come.


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