World Health Day 2021: The role of masks is the most important in the prevention of corona, know how to wear and dispose of masks


In view of the increasing cases of corona, wearing a mask is most important to survive it. But whatever the mask, wear it properly and also dispose. We will know about it here today.

Triple layer mask or surgical mask

– These masks are cheap and easy to use. It is made up of three layers.

– Its inner layer is of cotton so that the wearer can absorb the moisture of the breath.

– Its middle layer is of polypopylene.

– The top layer ie the outer layer is made of synthetic such as polyester, which stops the virus from outside.

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How to wear triple layer mask

– First of all wash your hands with soap or sanitize.


– After this, hold the mask near the tier and hole.

– One side of the mask contains metal. That part will be upwards.

– The mask has another heavy color. This part should be kept outwards.

– Set the nose shape while wearing the mask and pressing the metal line on the nose.

– Wear masks in such a way that the nose, mouth, chin are all covered.

How to remove?

First of all, hold the mask’s door near both the ears.

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– While removing the mask, keep away from your body or any surface.

– As soon as you remove the mask, put it in a dustbin.

– After this wash your hands with a sanitizer.



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