Will Nipah Virus spread as fast as Corona?

Kochi: Another health crisis has arisen in Kerala after a 12-year-old child died of Nipah virus on Sunday. Kerala is already in the grip of Corona pandemic. In the new cases of infection in the country, 60 percent of the cases are coming from Kerala itself. The state government has issued a health alert in Kozhikode district after the Nipah virus was detected and appealed to the neighboring districts to take precautions. The child who lost his life had symptoms of encephalitis and myocarditis on September 3.

Let us tell you that Nipah virus is spread through the saliva of bats. Nipah can become infected if the fruit is ingested and eaten by bats. This virus can spread from person to person, although this is not a completely proven fact. However, a study has confirmed that a drop from the breath of an infected person can spread the virus. Nipah virus infection has also been detected in two health workers who came in contact with a dead child in Kerala. According to media reports, Nipah virus spreads much slower than Kovid-19. However, the deaths due to this infection are extremely worrying.

For the first time in Siliguri, West Bengal, 45 people lost their lives out of 66 infected. That is, the death rate was 68 percent. Then, in 2007, all five infected people lost their lives in Nadia district of West Bengal. According to a study, in 1999, out of a total of 265 people infected with Nipah virus in Malaysia, 105 patients died. So far the death rate has been around 1 percent compared to the corona epidemic. The death rate from coronavirus in India currently stands at 1.34 percent.


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