Vidura advised Dhritarashtra to kill Duryodhana as soon as he was born.

New Delhi: Vidura was the form of Yamraj, but one Yamraj had to become a maidservant due to a curse. Vidura’s mother was a maid, so it was decided from childhood that he could not become a prince or a king. Since childhood, Vidura was interested in policy and religion, he had no interest in learning the art of warfare, so nowhere in the entire Mahabharata is that Vidura was proficient in wielding any weapon. No one else dared to say the bitter words that Vidur said to Dhritarashtra in the entire Mahabharata. To prevent the destruction of Kuruvansh, he had given many important advice to Dhritarashtra, but he did not accept one.

1. Vidura had stopped the eldest brother Dhritarashtra from sitting on the throne of Hastinapur. Pandu was made the king in his place.
2. Vidura asked to kill Duryodhana at the time of his birth, he had said that this child would later destroy the Kuru dynasty.
3. Vidura opposed Draupadi’s chirping in Chausar between Pandavas and Kauravas, then only he raised his voice, everyone else remained silent.
4. Vidura repeatedly told Dhritarashtra to return the kingdom of Pandavas.
5. Vidur asked to accept Krishna’s offer of peace, but he did not agree to the son’s attachment.
6. In the last days Vidura told Dhritarashtra that you are my brother and also the king. Where there is religion, there I am. I cannot deceive you and the soil of Hastinapur, so I am leaving the Raj Bhavan.
7. Vidura did not fight on the side of Kauravas in the war, because religion was forbidding it and could not fight on the side of Pandavas, because they could not cheat Hastinapur Raj and its soil.

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