Video of lightning falling from the sky in Kolhapur goes viral


It is still the rainy season across the country and many states are receiving heavy rains. Due to the rain, lightning is also falling in many places. Now the latest case has come out from Kolhapur in Maharashtra. Actually, there is such a scene captured in the camera, seeing which people’s senses were blown away. You can see in this video how lightning strikes a large area from the sky and a loud explosion is followed by a loud sound.

However, the person who recorded the incident claimed that a huge smoke rose from the surface after the lightning struck. Let us also tell you that this incident happened on 4 May 2021, but today this video is going viral on social media. Rakesh Raut, who was making the video from the window of his house, said that he felt for a moment that there was an explosion. Rakesh again closed his window in fear. This video is now going viral on social media.

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Sharing the video on social media, Rakesh wrote, ‘I was taking a nap after lunch. Then the weather changed and the wind started blowing. I woke up and looked out the window when I heard the clouds rumbling very near my apartment. Then I started recording with my mobile phone camera, during which a bright light came out about 200 meters away, lightning struck the sky and hit a surface. The explosion was so strong that even I was shocked. Then I saw some people running from there. Thankfully no one was reported to be injured in the incident. ‘



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