Vastu tips: If these things are present in the house then the money will not last, there will always be a Bengali


Many times, even hard-earned money is spent unnecessarily. If this happens to us, we feel very sad. But this happening again and again is a sign of Vaastu dosha, if any such sign is visible to you, then remove the 5 things present in the house immediately.

1- Like the north-east direction, Bastu Shastra considered the north-west direction to be quite auspicious. If inside the house remains dark in this direction, then often there is loss of money inside that house.

2- According to the scriptures, the north-east direction is considered very auspicious. According to Bastu Shastra, there is always a lot of pain in the houses where there is a lot of dirt and dirt present inside this direction.

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3- According to Bastu Shastra, the place of sleeping of the head of the house has also been determined. According to the scriptures, if his room is present in the south-east direction, then there is disturbance in that house.

4- It is believed that the kitchen is present in the houses in the northeast direction. There is always impunity in that house and the budget of that house is always spoiled.

5- Bastu Shastra is explained. It is inauspicious to have any darbaza or vault of any kind towards the south direction.



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