Lifestyle. Friends, have you ever wondered that when many people meet each other, why do they say “Ram Ram” to each other only twice? Why don’t you speak 1 time or 3 times? Why do you say “Ram Ram” twice? There is a big secret behind this.

Friends, for your information, let us tell you that this has been going on since ancient times, in the vocabulary of Hindi, “R” is the twenty-seventh word, “Aa” is the second and “M” is the twenty-fifth word. Friends, now if we add all the three numbers, then 27 + 2 + 25 = 54, that is, the sum of one “Ram” is 54. Similarly, the total sum of two “Ram Ram” friends will be 108.

Friends, let us tell you that when we do some chanting, we do it by counting 108 beads of beads. The whole rosary is chanted just by saying “Ram Ram”.


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