Totka: Do this small work with cloves, every bad work will be done for you, you will become rich


Many types of tricks are made from cloves. If small and normal looking cloves are used in food, then it keeps our body healthy, along with it there are such remedies by which any kind of negative forces present in the house are removed and at the same time positive energy starts residing in the house. Is. These clove remedies can help in transforming your life and destiny. We work hard many times but even after that hard work doesn’t bear fruit. That’s why many people adopt tricks. Today we are going to tell you the tricks of clove, how clove can get you money and can make your work….

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If even after working hard, money is not being received in any way, then put 4 cloves on a lemon and chant the mantra Om Shri Hanumante Namah. Do this chant 21 times and keep that lemon with you.

If you do not concentrate on any work and are always worried, then burn a camphor and a flower clove and eat it once in two-three days. This will keep the mind calm and at the same time, the mind will start feeling in work.

Take 7-8 grains of cloves and burn them by placing them in a lamp in any corner of the house. Apart from this, you can also make a mixture by mixing 5 grams of asafetida and 5 grams of camphor with 5 grams of black pepper. Then make rounds equal to its mustard seeds. Divide all the pills that have been made into two parts and then run it in the morning and evening. If you do this experiment for three days, then the negative energy of the house will end.

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While leaving the house for some important work, keep a clove at the main door and then step out of the house by stepping on that clove. Along with this, do not return to the house again after this, the effect of the trick ends.


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