Top 10 funny jokes and cute images to share

1- Santa and Banta are walking on a road, and they found a 1000 rupee note lying.

Santa – what should we do now?

Banta- We will take 50:50.

Santa – What about the rest 900?

2- How did Samoan climb the tree? He did not. He frightened the limbs with it.

3- A: Just look at that young man with short hair and blue jeans. is it a boy or a girl?

B: It’s a girl. She is my sister.

A: Oh, I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t know you were his father.

B: I’m not. I am his mother.

4- David: Why did Broom get a bad grade in school?

Dan: I don’t know. Why?

David: Because it always used to sweep during class!

5- From father to son:

whenever i beat you,

don’t be angry,

How do you control your anger?

Son: I start cleaning the toilet.

seat with your toothbrush

6- Teacher to a student: Conjugate the verb “to walk” in the simple present.

Student: I’ll go. You go….

The teacher explained to him: Please hurry up.

Student: I’ll run. you run …

7- Don’t be racist; Racism is a crime; And Crime Is For Black People.

8- Boy: Girl, what’s your number?

Girl: I have a boyfriend

Boy: I have a math test

Girl: What?

Boy: Aren’t we talking about the things we cheat on?

9- Man: How did you settle with your wife?

Husband: She came to me on her feet.

Man: And what did he say?

Husband: I was very bad and she said come out, I will not tell you anything…

10- A robber comes to the store and steals a TV.

A blonde runs after him and says, “Wait, you forgot the remote!”


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