This woman was troubled by stomach pain for a long time, seeing something like this after the operation, even the doctor was blown away.

In today’s time, no one knows when what will happen, this is the reason why such cases keep coming to the fore, which are really surprising. Nowadays it is the age of social media and in such a situation, whether the news is small or big, everything comes to the fore, even today some similar news has come to the fore.

It is also true that due to the irregularity of lifestyle and eating habits, people are surrounded by various diseases. One such food-related disease is stone, in which a solid coagulation occurs due to the gradual accumulation of minerals and salt etc. in the internal organs of the person. This solid deposit is called stone. Stones can range in size from a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball. Many times there is a terrible pain around the kidney due to stones.

In fact, recently a case has come to the fore, which is from Thandla Tehsil village of Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. Where such a thing came out in the operation of a woman that even the doctors were surprised. Yes, let us tell you that the age of this woman is about 50 years. Who was troubled by stomach pain for a long time. But one day suddenly she felt terrible pain due to which she reached Jeevan Jyoti Hospital in Meghnagar and she reached Jeevan Jyoti Hospital in Meghnagar for treatment. Here the surgeon doctor sent him for sonography to check.

When the doctors examined the woman, it was found that not one or two stones were found in the gall bladder of the woman, but all the doctors present in the hospital were shocked to see. You might not know this thing, but let us tell you that the cheek bladder is a sac-like structure attached to the liver, whose size remains 6-7 inches. There is less stone in it and even if it happens, then its size remains very less. It is not possible to get stones in such a large quantity.

Generally its function is that it collects bile and thickens it and if you do not know, then also tell that ‘Bile’ is a digestive juice which is made by the liver. It helps in digestion of fatty substances. This bile takes care of not causing any harm to our body, ‘Gall Bladder’.

Let us tell that the doctors of this hospital operated on the woman after seeing the sonography report and she said that till date she has seen many cases of stones in her life but such a case has come to the fore when she has seen such multiple stones. The team of doctors has started making arrangements to send the bunch of stones that came out of the woman’s stomach for All India presentation.

You all must know that stones are such a disease that can happen to anyone, but seeing such stones, everyone along with the doctor is surprised.


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