This remedy of alum can change your destiny, wealth will increase

Know about alum from Acharya Indu Indu Prakash in Vastu Shastra today. If you have seen the use of alum in home remedies and barbershops, you must have seen it many times, but you must not have heard about its Vastu remedy.

There are many such things in the house that can be used for home remedies as well as for Vastu remedies. If there is any kind of Vastu defect in your home or office, then to remove it, take 50 grams piece of alum and keep it in every room or corner of the house or office.

This will reduce the troubles caused by various Vastu defects and along with happiness and peace, wealth and wealth will also increase. If before sleeping, tie alum in a black cloth and keep it under the pillow at the head, then bad dreams do not come and one gets freedom from unknown fear.

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