Lifestyle. Friends, let us tell you that in astrology, Mars is considered to be the factor of loans, loans and loans. According to the scriptures, Mars is considered to be the commander of the planets. Friends, Mars is considered a cruel planet. Friends, this is going to give bad in most of the situations. For this reason, taking loan on Tuesday is prohibited by the scriptures. Friends, on taking a loan on this day, in very few circumstances, a person is able to repay it. According to the scriptures, today we are telling you some such remedies, which, if done on Tuesday, can get rid of the problems related to life.

1. According to the scriptures, worship red cow daily to please Mangal Dev.

2. According to the scriptures, tell you to donate lentils by tying lentils in a red cloth.

3. Friends, tell you that every Tuesday, light an oil lamp in front of Hanuman ji.

4. According to the scriptures, recite Bajrang Baan.

5. Friends, let us tell you that on Tuesday, donate red clothes, jaggery and gram to Hanuman temple.

6. Friends, let us tell you that by Tuesday 21, offer jasmine oil, kewra’s perfume and 5 rose flowers to Hanuman ji.


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