Lifestyle. Friends, many times it happens that if you do not get proper sleep, you have to face many problems. According to the scriptures, it can also happen that while sleeping at night, there is negative energy around you, which keeps mental stress on you. To get rid of this problem, tell some remedies in the scriptures, which can prove to be very effective for you. Friends, you should also know about these remedies.

1. Friends, if you are afraid of sleeping or do not sleep or if you wake up again and again in the night, then according to the scriptures, fill water in a copper vessel and keep it at night and put it in the root of the tree in the morning. Friends, for your information, let us tell you that there is such a power in a copper vessel that it attracts negative forces.

2. Friends, according to the scriptures, if you keep 5-6 small cardamoms under your pillow while sleeping, then your sleep will not be disturbed in the middle and you will not feel afraid.


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