These strange customs associated with OMG newborns will surprise you


Each region has its own customs for which they are known. Whenever a child is born in a family, there are certain customs associated with it, which are followed. But there are some strange customs abroad that will amaze you.

Talk about the birth of a child in China, the mother has to separate from the family for a full 30 days. For these 30 days the new mother can neither go out of the house nor eat raw fruits. Not only this, the new mother is also forbidden to take a bath. In Chinese, this month is called Zuo YiZhi. Let us know that the history of this ritual in China is more than 2000 years old.

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Even on Bali island of Indonesia, a very strange ritual is performed when a child is born. According to this ritual, the child should not be allowed to touch the ground for the first 3 months and should not come in contact with the ground in any way.

Let it be said that in Nigeria and Ghana, it is customary to mourn for the placenta of the mother with the child. In African countries, the placenta is considered the baby’s twin brother or sister and is usually buried with full rituals. Burial takes place under a tree.



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