These 6 things should not be done even on Tuesday, including milk, makeup, otherwise Mahabali will become angry.


Tuesday is considered the best day to worship Hanuman ji. On this day, there is a lot of devotees in the temples. To please Bajrangbali, if someone chants mantra, then someone recites Chalisa or Hanumanashtak, but on Tuesday there are some things which should not be done. By doing these things, Bajrangbali gets angry.

Don’t buy makeup items It is believed that buying cosmetics on Tuesdays leads to a rift in marital relations. Monday and Friday are considered the most suitable days to buy it. Goods bought on this day increase good fortune.

Do not buy things made from milk Sweets made from milk like barfi, rabdi and kalakand should not be bought on Tuesday. Milk is considered to be the factor of Moon. Moon and Mars are very opposites to each other, so neither things made of milk should be used or donated on the day of Mars. Lord Hanuman is pleased by offering gram flour laddus on this day.

Stay away from meat and liquor One should neither buy meat nor consume it even after forgetting on Tuesday. Doing so brings calamity on the person’s family. It is said that on this day the money of the person who buys and eats fish ends up flowing like water.

Do not bring iron items in the house- Buying iron goods on this day is also considered inauspicious. Steel utensils and sharp objects such as nail cutters, knives and scissors should not be bought on this day. Buying a new vehicle on this day is also considered inauspicious.

Nails should not be cut Haircut and beard should be avoided on Tuesday. Money transactions should not be done on this day. This results in loss of money. Havan should not be performed in the house on Tuesday and neither should any of its ingredients be bought.

Do not wear black clothes Black colored clothes should not be worn on Tuesday. Wearing red colored clothes on this day reduces the effect of Mangal Dosha.

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