Lifestyle. According to the scriptures, there are many importance of mole on the body of a person. Let us tell you that the complete details of mole on human parts have been explained in detail in Samudra Shastra. Friends, you should also know about these people according to the scriptures.

Mole in the middle of the brow: According to the scriptures, the person who has a mole in the middle of the brow should tell you that that person is never unhappy in life. The married life of a person is happy.

Mole on toe: – According to oceanography, let us tell you that those people who have mole on their toe, their life becomes successful person and prestige in the society.

Mole under the navel: – According to oceanography, let us tell you that people having mole under the navel never lack money in life. Always happy in life.

Mole on index finger :- According to oceanography Let us tell you that this person is very rich in life and is troubled by enemies.

Mole on the right side of the nose: – According to oceanography, tell you that such people get more profit in less labor. This person is very lucky.


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