The bride and groom put on a helmet, a garland around each other’s neck, the reason will not be known for sure


Friends, these days the wedding season is going on in full swing. Wherever you look, girls’ dolls are rising. In such a situation, we are getting to see weddings in different styles everywhere. Some are celebrating marriage with great pomp by spending a lot, while some are involved in mass marriages and are handling this work in less money. However, apart from this, we have also got to see some unique weddings in the last few months. For example, in a wedding in Rajasthan, the bride herself had climbed on a horse wearing a sherwani. At the same time, in a wedding in Ujjain, the bride and groom donated blood before the round.

Giving a social message to the society, one such unique marriage has also been completed in Siwan district of Bihar. Two things were most unique in this marriage. The first is that both the bride and groom were wearing helmets on their heads during the program of Jaimala. The other interesting thing is that in this marriage, eight rounds were taken instead of the pheras. So let us know in detail why and why this was done…

Actually these days a newly married couple from Siwan district of Bihar is making a lot of headlines. The reason is that both of them wear helmets and make 8 rounds in the pavilion. When the preparations for Jaimala took place on the wedding stage, the bridegroom put on a helmet on his head. After this both of them garlanded each other. Seeing this sight, the guests who came to the wedding were astonished. They didn’t understand what was happening. However, later some intelligent people realized that a noble message is being given to the society through this initiative.

Actually, Road Safety Week is being celebrated in Bihar these days. In such a situation, in her marriage, the bride took the initiative of this work and carried out this unique marriage. This initiative of the bride and groom is being praised a lot. There are discussions about their marriage in the entire district. Not only this, both of them took eight rounds instead of seven while taking the rounds of marriage. This eighth round was taken with the promise of following the safety rules.

Let us tell you that recently Sandeep Kumar and Shilpi got married in Ramgarh village on the Chhapra-Siwan border. In this marriage, the bride and groom also wore a helmet in Jayamala with the aim of making people aware of wearing helmets. Not only this, 51 people who came to the wedding ceremony from the bride’s family were also given helmets as a gift.

According to the bride Shilpi, she got this inspiration from Sandeep Kumar Shahi, famous in the country as Helmet Man. Shilpi says that for the daughters of the country to study and survive, it is also necessary that their honeymoon is safe. Most of the deaths in the country are due to road accidents. In such a situation, Shilpi wants to make people aware of wearing helmets.


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