Priyanka Singh, sister of late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput recently made an appeal on Twitter. He has appealed to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and co-founder Larry Sanger. Through this appeal, Priyanka has asked to change the cause of Sushant’s death. In fact, Wikipedia, publishing a report, attributed the actor’s death to suicide by hanging. Priyanka, a lawyer by profession, has said, “The investigation into Sushant’s death is still under the purview of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), so it should be mentioned under investigation.”

You can see Priyanka tweeted a lot last Monday. In a tweet she writes, “I am Sushant’s sister. In today’s world, information is power, so it is advisable to stick to facts and that is the best thing we can do. Hashtag Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput.” In another tweet, she added a link to an old video of Sushant, saying, “I request Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wells to first, ever since the Central Bureau of Investigation, a top Indian agency, is investigating Sushant’s death. “The investigation is still on, the death written on the wiki page should be converted to suicide by hanging. Secondly, on the wiki page, change the height of Sushant to 183 cm, because who can be a more reliable formula than you.”

Along with a blurry picture, Priyanka wrote, “I am his sister and I confirm that she is indeed 183 cm tall. Her height is crucial to the matrix of Sushant’s death case.” Also, she shared a picture of Kendall Jenner with Sushant for Vogue magazine and said, ‘Kendall is wearing high heels.’


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