Styling Tips: Tips and ideas of Pallu draping, which will be seen in every function by looking stylish and classy


When you do some search online, you can see the models that tie the pallu of the sari in a big way, and we see what kind of pallu it is. Is it straight pallu or vice versa … Just scrolling on it, we feel like wearing a saree in some function. So today we will share some Pallu’s draping tips and ideas, which will make you look stylish and trendy.

Classic Pulled Pallu

It is a pinned up style on the left shoulder, known as the classic pleated pallu. Make the pallu well pleats and then pinup it to the back side. If you are putting a pin on the front, then keep in mind that the pin should match the sari.

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Tight loosely at west

Leave it a little loose from the waist. Pinup to the shoulder. When you are draping the sari from the hip area, leave the sidhi loose at the waist. Then make wide pallu pleats and pin it on the shoulder. Handloom sarees are a good option for this pallu. Do not carry such drapes with a chiffon saree.

Border with pleats

If you want to flaunt a great brocade border or statement designer, then base the width of the border itself. The border of the saree is required for this drape. In such a case, choose only Kanchipuram or Kanchivaram sarees.

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Draped arrowed neck

This type of pallu is styled by wrapping it around the neck like a stole. Put brooch in accessories. On such a draped around neck you can wear a sweater, jacket or coat in winter and a cotton jacket in summer. This will give you a bohemian look.



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